Cheeseburger Sandwiches

cheeseburger sandwich

At the end of a long week trying to keep the kids eating healthy sometimes you have to splurge.  In reality it was only Tuesday night but it had already felt like a long week at this point.  Time for Cheeseburger Sandwiches to lift the mood!

I imagine millions of people have created this or something very similar.  For me it came from a love of cheeseburgers and a hatred of buying 8 hamburger buns and only using 4.  One thing we always have in the house is bread, so create a cheeseburger on that.  There is absolutely nothing healthy about this dinner but everyone loves it and it is really quick to make which saves us some nights.

I always enjoy telling the kids we are having Cheeseburger Sandwiches.  On pizza night my kids always know pizza is coming because the dough is on the counter.  The rest of the time I am ambushed fairly quickly after getting home from work with the “What’s for dinner?” question.  A strong 50% of the time I get asked this it is followed by one of the little maniacs immediately asking “Can we have cheeseburger sandwiches?”  Needless to say most days I disappoint them by saying “No, tonight we are having a chicken soup with a kale and beet green salad!”  I am then blessed to see the excitement in their eyes immediately vanish and disappointment set in.  Of course one night, usually about every two weeks or so I get to say “Yes!” to the cheeseburger sandwich question then it is like fireworks of happiness going off in the house, I am walking to the kitchen high fiving everyone smiles on their faces!

Now to make the sandwiches.  This is a treat for the family so I leave my farmer market oat and grain bread and my homemade loafs in the cupboard.  For this sandwich we use plain thick Canadian white bread.  I toast the bread to a light brown and place the 8 slices on a baking sheet.  One slice of american cheese goes on each slice of bread. Yes, it has cheese on both the top and bottom of sandwich!

cheeseburger mayo

In a pan on the stove I cook about a pound of ground beef until browned and done.  I just break up the ground beef, I don’t bother making patties these will go on the sandwiches loose and the cheese will melt through to hold everything in place. Then turn the heat off move it off the burner and add a heaping tablespoon of mayo and mix into the beef.  Now split the beef up onto 4 pieces of the bread.  Next the beef gets topped with pickles.  I have been using my homemade shaved refrigerator dill pickles but any pickle you like will do just fine.

cheeseburger sand

cheeseburger pickles

Now the baking sheet goes into oven.  This is just to melt the cheese and heat the pickles  and since I usually have homemade potato wedges in the oven at 425 degrees, that is the temperature it goes into the oven at.  3-5 minutes will do the trick and pull it out of the oven and top the with the other half melted cheese bread.

I am partial to a diagonal cut with these sandwiches.  That gives you the opportunity to dunk the corner into ketchup before eating!

This dinner gets made fast and it gets eaten even faster.  The deliciousness of the meal is too much for Spencer as he can only handle half a sandwich.  The rest of the table and our dog will begin to eye that other half like vultures.  Norah being the cunning girl she is will usually put on her guilt trip face and talk about loving to have it for school lunch the next day.  The dog will no doubt make a jumping attempt at it but we will save it and Norah will win in the end.

cheeseburger sand-2

The only thing left is to prepare for disappointing the family until the next cheeseburger sandwich night!

Cheeseburger Sandwiches
Recipe Type: Sandwich
Author: Blogging with Apples
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Total time: 20 mins
Serves: 4
An easy weeknight alternative to regular cheeseburgers!
  • 8 slices white bread toasted
  • 8 slices american cheese
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 tablespoon mayo
  • pickles
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  2. On a baking sheet place 8 slices toasted bread and american cheese on each slice.
  3. Cook ground beef with a little salt and pepper in pan on med high heat until done.
  4. Turn off heat and move off burner. Mix in mayo with ground beef.
  5. Put a 1/4 beef mixture on 4 slices of bread and cheese and top beef with pickles.
  6. Place into oven and cook for 3-5 minutes until cheese is melted and pickles are warm.
  7. Remove from oven and top beef with the 4 other slices of toast and melted cheese.
  8. Slice, serve and enjoy!

cheeseburger sammy-1

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