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Planting the Vegetable Garden

swiss chard-1

My Memorial week vegetable gardening planting marathon is over and I am very happy with the progress.  I was rained out from working in the garden Thursday afternoon and Sunday. I also took Wednesday off to go Antique Recipe hunting with Em but we came home without any new collections.  Other then that I was in […]

Homemade Cucumber Trellis

cucumber trellis-5

It is no secret we love cucumbers from the garden.  Last year I had in the neighborhood of 28 plants in the ground and we still ran out of pickles in January.  I will not make that mistake this year.  So I devised a number of homemade and recycled cucumber trellises to make sure our […]

Planting Tomatoes and Root Vegetables

planting tomatoes-3

My Memorial Day weekend planting marathon got off to a fast start.  I planted all my sauce and fresh eating tomatoes.  30 plants in all.  Combine that with the Cherry Tomatoes I planted last weekend and I have 48 tomato plants in the ground and I am calling it done. 48 Tomato plants is actually […]

Planting Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomato-2

I am happily picking up a little momentum crossing things off my garden to do list.  This week I managed to plant six of my sloped beds with my whole cherry tomato crop.  Last year I was overwhelmed with cherry tomatoes to the point where keeping up harvesting them was making me anxious.  I had […]

Planting Beans and Peas

planting peas and beans-14

I got my first two rows planted last weekend.  It doesn’t sound like much writing that but it felt good to finally make some progress on the main garden.  The last few weeks have been so nice I wish I had started sooner.  Planting Beans and Peas was something I failed at pretty spectacularly last […]

Garden Progress

garden progress-2

I started making good garden progress last weekend which slowed to a halt throughout the week as I got busy.  I have to keep telling myself I am actually further ahead this year despite the long winter. Last year May was awfully rainy and I had to hold off planting and then replant a number […]

Garden Prepping

I am feeling pretty good after having my first weekend available to spend some time in the garden.  After the winter we had, I was questioning if I would even see the ground without snow on it in April.  Time to start the garden prepping and the spring garden chores (and some fall ones I […]