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Maine Lobster


There isn’t another food I can think of that I enjoy cooking as much as Maine Lobster.  I guess it is lucky I live in Maine!  Unfortunately, I am in the minority in our house.  Having the kids fall in love with lobster is a high priority of mine. I view it as nearly a […]

Lime Grilled Pork Tenderloin

lime grilled pork-11

I love grilling on the weekends, without the rush of getting out of work and feeding already hungry maniacs.  This weekend I wanted to change up the usual burgers and dogs for grilled pork.  This Lime Grilled Pork Tenderloin is marinated all day in a mix of lime and honey then quickly and easily grilled […]

Deep Dish Pizza

deep dish pizza-14

I have at times been accused of being too creative on pizza nights.  For every one success like Potato Pizza there have been a few disasters like the sauerkraut pizza debacle of 2014.   Who would have thought kids wouldn’t like fermented cabbage and hot peppers on pizza? For awhile now I have been getting “Can you […]

American BBQ

american bbq-11

With Memorial Day weekend here I am excited to do some grilling.  When I think of an old fashioned American BBQ I am thinking of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and possibly adult beverages!   Nothing too fancy, just a relaxing afternoon at the grill.  The kind of meal where even […]

Beer Can Chicken

beer can chicken-8

While making Beer Can Chicken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I wondered to myself who the fellow was that first decided to stick a can of beer in a chicken’s butt and grill it.  Whatever craziness lead to that discovery was certainly worth it.  This makes the most delicious and moist grilled chicken.  It is also […]


Since I re-taught myself how to grow sprouts I have been struggling to keep up with recipes to utilize them in. My favorite so far I named the Sproutlette.  It is a Sprout and Sauerkraut omelette.  It would make the perfect breakfast for me if I ever had time to make breakfast.  It is actually […]

Ham Noodle Skillet

I am sure most people are sick of ham by now but never get sick of it.  Ham Noodle Skillet is my third leftovers meal from my Baked Ham.  Actually this isn’t from my baked ham but my mom’s ham on Easter.  I had forgotten I would also be inheriting more delicious ham from both […]

Slow Cooker Ham Bone Soup

I will be honest, Ham Bone Soup isn’t going to make the kids happy.  In fact sometimes when they are annoying me and they ask what is for dinner – I will say Ham Bone Soup just to send them running.  They really haven’t acquired a taste for any soups at this point but maybe […]