Plugging away in the Vegetable Garden

plugging away in the garden radish-1

It seems like my garden progress has slowed to a crawl in the last few weeks.  Since my vacation planting marathon that saw us get most of the garden planted, I have let the last few planting and mulching chores drag on.  It is a busy time of year especially for Em whose photography season is kicking into full gear which leaves me alone to watch the maniacs most weekends.  I keep telling her I need to get a lot of garden work done on weekends, I can’t always be babysitting the kids.  That doesn’t go over very well.  Apparently it is not babysitting when they are your own kids- that is just called your life!

Despite all the scheduling conflicts the vegetable garden is looking good and I am pretty happy with the progress.  I am hoping to have the last few plantings done this weekend and then tackle the rest of the garden mulching.  Here is how the garden is looking today…

plugging away in the garden peas-1

The peas were the first thing in the ground in the vegetable garden.   They are growing well and reaching to tie themselves to the cages and supports.  I am pretty excited to start harvesting these as it has been 2 years since the last crop of peas grew.

plugging away in the garden beans-1

The beans were the second crop in and just like the peas I am soon expecting my first harvest in 2 years.   I was hoping the tight spacing would minimize weeds but that hasn’t been the case and I will have to get in there and do some weeding soon.  I haven’t had anymore damage to the bean plants from whatever nemesis chewed off a few of them and some of the damaged plants regrew so I am happy with that.

plugging away in the garden tomatoes-1

All the varieties of tomatoes are flowering and the cherry tomatoes are starting to grow little fruits.  I lost 2 “Jet Star” tomato plants and I purchased another seedling pack and replanted them.  Other then that I have had no issues with the tomatoes.

plugging away in the garden zucchini-1

My summer squash has taken a beating from cucumber beetles and squash bugs.  I am still vacuuming the summer squash and cucumbers daily.  The larger zucchinis are bouncing back now and starting to grow.  I have replanted 6 summer squash so far.  This is still a situation I am working on, the crop as a whole seems pretty far behind schedule.

plugging away in the garden cucumbers-1

The cucumbers are doing well.  They are flowering and have tiny fruits growing.  They are climbing their homemade trellises pretty good so far.  I have lost 4 plants, but with around 90 still left I am in good shape.

plugging away in the garden sweet peppers-1

Little tiny sweet peppers are starting to grow and most plants are flowering.  I have barely looked at these since I planted them.  They have always been my most reliable crop.

plugging away in the garden tomatillos-1

Despite a poor spot in the garden the tomatillos seems to be thriving.  I am concerned they won’t ripen in time based on the amount of shade they are receiving but we will just have to see how it goes.

plugging away in the garden lettuce-1

The lettuce I planted using seed tape is coming up now in nice little rows.  So far so good with my seed tape experimenting.

plugging away in the garden radish-1

The radishes, beets, and carrots are all springing to life and I will need to start thinning.  As always the radishes are way ahead of the game and I hope to start harvesting a little row at a time and replanting in the next few weeks.

plugging away in the garden blueberries-1

My blueberries are flourishing and this has been my best surprise of the year.

plugging away in the garden raspberry-1

All the raspberry bushes are are flowing with tiny little berries starting to develop.  I am looking forward to homemade raspberry jam.

New to the garden since the last update…

plugging away in the garden broccoli-1

I finally worked up the nerve to plant my broccoli despite no luck in trapping my garden nemesis the groundhog.  27 plants in 2 rows are in the ground with my fingers crossed.

plugging away in the garden cabbage-1

The groundhogs second favorite snack, cabbage. I planted 18 plants in all.  I am hoping to try homemade sauerkraut this year.

plugging away in the garden celery-1

I forgot all about celery.  I don’t know how.  It is a staple of my garden herbs mix and I use dried celery leaf year round.  My solution was to inter-plant it with the tomatoes.  I have planted 6 in one row and I will probably go back for some more seedlings to do another row.  I had 6 plants in the back of my greenhouse that were dying so I put those 6 in containers hoping to bring them back to life.

plugging away in the garden pac choi-1

Pac Choi was a last minute purchase at the greenhouse.  I have never grown it before but the seedling looked so good I had to try it.  I planted 6 plants in 3 separate containers.

plugging away in the garden ghost pepper-1

One tiny little Bhut Jolokia pepper seedling.  I tried germinating 6 cells with these “ghost peppers” and after almost 3 months I have one plant the size of a fingernail.  I am going to try to baby this guy along and maybe keep the container inside a greenhouse all year.

plugging away in the garden serrano-1

My brother in law George dropped off some of his extra Serrano pepper plants and I tossed them into containers.  I look forward to trying them, I have never grown that variety of hot pepper before.

plugging away in the garden-1

The garden is coming together and looking as good as it ever has.

plugging away in the garden-2

In the upcoming weeks I will plant the last rows with chard and kale then start tackling the newspaper and hay pathways.  Once that is done it will be time to do a little weeding, harvesting, and replanting.


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