In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day round two, I am practicing my Reuben.  I certainly do not need a special occasion to make a Reuben – it is my favorite sandwich by a landslide.  The holiday will give me a good excuse to hoard leftover Corned Beef to satisfy my need this awesome sandwich.

Someday I will bake my own Marble Rye bread, make my own Thousand Island dressing, can my own sauerkraut, corn my own beef brisket, and track down the greatest Swiss cheese on the planet.  While enjoying that daydream, I have to track down those ingredients at the grocery store.


I have one really big problem when I make a Reuben.  The problem is, I love all the ingredients so much that I always try to put twice as much as I should in the sandwich and it falls apart under its own greatness.  So as I have grown up and matured :), I have realized moderation is the key to making this great sandwich.

To make the sandwich I collect 1/4 pound Corned Beef, 1/4 cup sauerkraut, 2 tablespoons Thousand Island dressing, 2 slices Swiss Cheese, and 2 slices Marble Rye bread.  I also get some butter and olive oil for the bread.  The first slice of bread gets one side buttered and put into a saute pan on the stove with a little olive oil in it.  I usually put it in the pan cold then turn the heat to medium to allow it to warm.


Then I start layering on the the ingredients.  First half the Thousand Island, next all the sauerkraut, then 1 slice of Swiss cheese.  Next up is the Corned Beef, followed by the other slice of Swiss.  Then the last slice of bread gets one side buttered and one side slathered in the rest of the dressing and placed on top.

I enjoy the 2 slices of cheese method for grilled sandwiches.  That way the cheese melts from both sides and helps hold everything together.


From a cold pan it takes around 5 minutes at medium heat to get the first side grilled on my stove. Then I flip it and give the other side a few minutes until my grilled cheese intuition tells me it is done.


Now it is a race against time.  You want to eat this while still warm and delicious, you can’t be distracted.  I like to time my Reuben making to match up with the kids nap time. This minimizes the chances of my excellent sandwich being ruined by a maniac!

I am not sure what genius first put these ingredients together but I certainly thank them.


Recipe Type: Sandwich
Author: Blogging with Apples
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 8 mins
Total time: 13 mins
Serves: 1
The greatest sandwich ever created.
  • 2 slices marble rye bread
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoons Thousand Island dressing
  • 1/4 cup sauerkraut
  • 2 slices Swiss cheese
  • 1/4 pound Corned Beef sliced Thin
  1. Butter one side of first piece of marble rye and place buttered side down in a saute pan with a little olive oil in it.
  2. Turn burner onto medium.
  3. Begin to layer ingredients on bread in pan.
  4. First spread 1 tablespoon dressing.
  5. Then top that with sauerkraut.
  6. Next place 1 slice of Swiss cheese on it.
  7. Then all the sliced Corned Beef.
  8. On top of Corned Beef place the other slice of Swiss cheese and on the last piece of bread spread the rest of the dressing and butter the top side.
  9. Allow to cook approx 5 minutes and flip.
  10. Continue cooking 2-3 minutes until done and delicious.
  11. Eat quickly!


Jeff McIntosh

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Jeff's family lives in his childhood home on a 1/4 acre in town lot. Despite the small space to work with, they have challenged ourselves to produce as much of our own food as possible — and cook it! They document their journey at Blogging with Apples.